Women’s Group news

They may be in lockdown but that doesn’t stop the Meeting Point Women’s Group connecting and supporting each other remotely. Many are also using their crafting and knitting skills to keep busy and help lower anxiety. Together, we will get through this difficult time.

Some comments from group members:

‘I am knitting my way through my anxiety. It helps a lot, thanks’

‘I made some laundry bags for NHS staff for during lockdown with the help from Meeting Point, thanks team, you helped me not get stress, but you keep me busy’

‘Some people deserve more than just a thank you – the Meeting Point team! You have a special place in our hearts. Thanks for everything! You made my day fabulous’

‘In this time of lockdown I have made these blankets – be encouraged ladies!’

We distributed and delivered 63 food parcels and 100 hot meals yesterday, feeding 114 people! Thankyou everyone!

One lady sent us a message saying: ‘Thank you so much for the food. I was so happy happy when I found the lamb. I started working on it for dinner and enjoyed dinner then went to bed early. Thank you so much with the food. Keep blessed with all the others who make it happen. You make me keep going for sure – not easy in this difficult time’


We fed around 50 people yesterday with a food parcel and a take away hot meal. Some collected from Christ Church, others had a delivery.
Thank you so much to everyone who has enabled us to continue – with encouragement, food, financial donations and offers of volunteering! We will continue doing as much as we can for as long as we can!

Open for food distribution

Meeting Point will be distributing a hot meal and food parcels from Christ Church from 3pm on Monday.

Please do attend if you are a refugee or asylum seeker.

If you are self-isolating or cannot reach us for any other reason, please call the office to speak about a delivery. 0113 279 6700.

Thank you!